Run MS Paint in Linux

MS Paint is one of the first programs we ever used on PC. Finally I have managed to run the worlds best image editing program on my Ubuntu, this definitely beats the shit out of Adobe Photoshop and GIMP :p 
Well, it'd be fun to try it out just for the sake of it. MS Paint has virtually remained unchanged for the last 13 yrs since it was first released. Whenever people think of Microsoft they think about Ms Paint and all those ugly images they had drawn with it.
To run MS Paint do this:
1. Download paintnt.exe here
2. Install Wine from Synaptic or from the terminal by typing
 sudo apt-get install wine
3. Create a new folder and place the paintnt.exe file in it.
4. Run it with Wine, now all the required files will be extracted and you can use it as any normal program.
 Here is a screenshot:

Here is an image drawn in MS Paint:
(It took him 500 hrs to draw it)

and the ultimate master at MS Paint:

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