Video Card Upgrade Tips

A video card, also referred to as a graphics accelerator card, display adapter, graphics card, is a piece of hardware installed in a computer that is responsible for rendering or generating an output or image on the computer’s monitor or display screen.

Video Card Upgrade? Well this is probably the best way to enhance your systems graphics and picture. As a Computer savvy I could say that this on e of the important things you should consider specially if you are a Gamer. Specially, nowadays that most new games needs a load of video memory.

There are certain factors you will have to consider before deciding if you need a Video Card Upgrade. Here are some Video Card Upgrade Tips:

1.) What Video Card Do you have?

This is would probably the first question you have to ask if you are looking for a Video Card upgrade. Most computer motherboard nowadays comes with an integrated Video. One way to check it is by running the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, to open this: Click on Start > Click on Run > and type "dxdiag" > Under display Tab you can see it under "Device" Header.

You may also check it with your invoice if you have a separate video card installed. If you do not see any Video card in your invoice you probably have an integrated video card.

2.) What Video Card do you need?

This is what I think the second factor you should consider in upgrading your video card. We should know what video card you need. For Gamers, the best way to know what video card yo need is to check the system requirements of the game you are going Play or would like to play. This will give you the hint of what video card you need. For non gamers, I would recommend you to at least have a 64 MB Video Memory of any type of video card would good enough. One thing you would like to put in your mind. It is better to have a better video card than less one. At least you save time and money from upgrading again in the future.

3.) What Video Card does your system supports?

This would be the third factor but I think this is the most important factor you should consider in upgrading your Video card. It is useless to have the best video card and not being able to use it. The keyword here is "Compatibility". You should know what your system supports. The first thing to know is the interface of the Video card that your system supports. The best way to check it is by knowing what your motherboard supports.

First you should know if your system can support a PCI(Peripheral Component Interconnect), an AGP ( Accelerated Graphics Port) or a PCI-E (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express).
After knowing what is the interface your system supports.

You will also need to check the power supply you have and the video card's power supply requirements. Video Cards with a PCI and a AGP Interface usually requires a Power Supply upto 300 Watts but there are some High end AGP Video cards that requires 350 Watts to 400 Watts Power supply. But if you are looking for a PCI-E Video Card I would recommend you to have at least 400 Watts of Power supply, but some highend video cards require more than that depending on an video cards requirements. Another thing also for some Advance and Hardrcore gamers that used dual video card the Scalable Link Interface (SLI) for Nvidia and CrossFire for ATI, this technology uses 2 high end video cards to combine its performance in one output. This usually requires at least 700 Watts of Power supply and some may require more. This is recommended for advance users.

4.)Where do we go for Video Card Upgrades?

Video card Upgrades can be purchased in every computer store. I cannot tell which video card to use or buy. I can only say that in purchasing a new video card upgrade, aside from its technical aspects you will need also to consider the price. Spending $100 plus more or less is enough, or if you are here in the Philippines, there are also much cheaper video cards that ranges from 1000 to 3000 pesos depending on your needs. But if you are a high end gamer, spending woung range from $200 - $400 more or less or 4000 to 10,000 pesos more or for the latest and high end video cards. Not to mention you need to upgrade your power supply and the cooling system of your system since high end requires it. Plus before purchasing it, please make that you have checked the video cards specs and reviews online. I would also recommend you to contact your OEM Technical Support or Upgrade Support for recommendations.

Video Card Upgrades is one of the essential upgrades you will be doing for your computer. Although it does not affect much of the speed of your Computer compared to RAM Upgrades. It is also important because if we are using an integrated video it shares with our physical RAM, and by adding a separate video card it will free some resources and will results to an additional speed to your computer.

I hope this Video Card Upgrade Tips have provided you some information or atleast point you to the right direction. Thanks for reading....