How To Add Music To My Blog?

Wondering how to add your favorite music to your blog.adding some music also pleases the visitors.and in some way  increases the time on page.In this post you will know how easy it is.You will need to create an account in free music hosting site.(just search in Google for free music hosting sites) and also an account in mix pod.

In my case i will use Opendrive for free hosting.and also an account in mixpod 

Follow these Steps:

  1. Create an account in Opendrive
  2. Upload your favorite music 
  3. Get the direct link and save it in a text file
This is Direct link of the file that i uploaded at Opendrive

    4.  Create an account at Mixpod
    5.   Now Create a playlist there. add the direct link that you copied from opendrive and click  add track
    6. Select your favorite music player Skin

    7.And Save setting and get code

    8.Select any of the following options ,in my case i selected blogger and copied the code

   9.Go to page elements section in blogger and add a gadget select "HTML/JavaScript" and add the code 
      and save settings,its done,
"Let your visitors enjoy the music,Keep rocking"

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