How to Change the Ink Cartridges for the HP 5510

The HP Officejet 5510 all-in-one printer uses two ink cartridges--black and tricolor--to print documents and images from a computer, scanned copy or fax. The cartridges rest in slots in an ink cartridge carriage inside the printer. Each cartridge unlocks from the carriage easily with nothing more than the gentle application of pressure to the front top of the cartridge, so changing an ink cartridge only requires that you unlock and pull out your low, empty or faulty cartridge, insert a new one and align the cartridges so that the 5510 can print clearly.
  1. Turn on your HP 5510 printer. If the printer doesn't have paper in it, load the paper tray with paper. 
  2. Grasp the handle of the carriage access door at the front of the printer and lift up slowly until the door rests in an open position and the carriage moves into view. 
  3. Push down gently on the top front of the ink cartridge to unlock it. Pull the cartridge carefully from the slot and set it aside for disposal.
  4. Remove your replacement ink cartridge from its packaging. Grasp the pink tab on the cartridge. Pull it and the attached tape carefully from the copper contacts and ink nozzles on the back and bottom of the cartridge.
  5. Hold the ink cartridge in front of its slot--black (right) or tricolor (left)--with the label facing up and the copper contacts facing the empty slot. 
  6. Shift the cartridge in your hand so that the back of the cartridge tilts up slightly and the cartridge front tilts down. 
  7. Slide the tilted ink cartridge into the empty cartridge slot and then push it in until you feel it snap into place. 
  8. Replace the other cartridge if needed. When finished, lower the carriage access door and wait for a print alignment page to print. If a page doesn't print automatically, wait for an alignment message on your printer's display and then press the "OK" button to print the page. 
  9. Open the scanner lid and place the alignment page face down on the scanner with the top of the page edge-to-edge with the left side and front of the scanner glass. Close the lid and push the "OK" button. Wait for the "Alignment Complete" message, dispose of the alignment page and then begin printing as desired.