How to Install Plotter Driver to Your Desktop

How to Install Plotter Driver to Your Desktop?

Connect the plotter and insert the plotter CD/DVD
Click on Start » Settings » Printers » Add Printer 
You will see Add Printer wizard and follow the wizard as given below:

1. Welcome to the Add Printer Wizard:

2. Check “Local Printer” box.

3. Check “Create a new port” and “Local Port” in the Type box.

4. Enter \\p1_casnet\myplot into the box.

5. Select “MyManufacturer” from the Manufacturer column and “MyplotterModel“ from the Printers column.

6. Keep the Printer name as the way it is and check “No” to “Do you want your Windows-based programs to use this printer as the default printer?”

7. Check “Do not share this printer”.

8. Once the plotter driver is installed, open your Power Point file.  Click "Page Setup" to specify the Width and Height of your poster.  Note: If you choose "Landscape", the maximum height is 34 inches; if you choose "Portrait", the maximum width is 34 inches.

9. When you are ready to print, select “MyPlotterModel” in the Name box, then click "Properities" box.

10. Click tab "Paper Size", select "Landscape", and click "More sizes" box.

Then accordingly select the required size the click on OK and then Apply.