How to Trun Ur Digital Camera Into a Scanner

If you got a digital camera, then you got a scanner too!
What do u do when you need to make a copy of something on paper..? You either scan it into a digital form or you take a photo-copy..right..?
All this can be done using your digital camera

Every modern digital camera has a shooting mode for capturing objects very close to the camera with very good clarity. This is usually called macro mode. To scah a pape you will need this macro mode.
Put the camera into macro mode and take a snap shot of your document. To geed good results, place the document on a well illuminated flat surface. The surface should be of light shade.

Remember to turn off the flash before you make a shot. If you keep your flash on you will not be able to read anything.
Once you have made the copy you can see that on a PC.

You can reduce the size of the image by reducing its quality in programs like Adobe Photoshop or similar photo editting softwares, so that the image can be emailed easily. You need not worry about the image quality beacuse you will still be able to read even at lower qualities.

Try it for yourself if you got a cam.
Good Luck!