Software A - Z

Information about useful programs for security, graphics, audio, web design, and more. Click on the name to read more about the program and where to get it.

Type: backup
  • 7-Zip is a free file compression utility. 7-Zip is a powerful tool that can quickly compress your files to conserve disk space, which can be useful for storage and when sending large files as e-mail attachments. Multiple files and folders can be compressed into a single 7z or Zip file for easy storage and then extracted later. 7-Zip is also able to unpack compressed files in other formats including RAR, CAB, and ISO.

Type: business,office
  • Microsoft Access allows you to work with databases of information and create tables, reports and forms. Access is part of the Microsoft Office suite, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, and Outlook. There are different versions of Microsoft Office available to suit the needs of the user, from Home and Student editions to Professional and Business packages.

Type: programming,web design
  • AutoReplace is a free text search and replacement tool for text editing or programming. AutoReplace enables the user to find and replace particular text or code in many different documents in one go, potentially saving hours of work. As well as text, AutoReplace can also be used to replace code such as HTML.
  • The changes are saved automatically in all documents. As a free alternative to commercial programs that include text replacement features, AutoReplace is a great stand-alone tool for saving time when editing text or programming.

AVG Anti-Virus
Type: security,virus
  • AVG is a popular anti-virus program that can detect and remove malicious code and protect your PC from infection. AVG Anti-Virus Free gives users basic protection from viruses for free, with automatic updates. There is also a Pro version with an improved level of protection from viruses, worms, and trojans.

Type: firewall,security,spam,spyware,virus
  • BitDefender provide a range of security software to protect your PC while you use the Internet.

Type: audio
  • Buzz is a free music creation program with many features to rival commercial music packages.

Type: audio,backup,video
  • DeepBurner is a range of audio, video and CD/DVD burning software.

Type: programming,web design
  • Dreamweaver is the most popular software for designing, developing and maintaining web sites.

Type: business,office
  • Microsoft Excel allows you to organize information and work with spreadsheets.

Type: programming,web design
  • FileZilla is a powerful FTP client for Windows for transferring files to a server.

Type: browser
  • Firefox is the second most popular web browser after Internet Explorer, and is used to view web pages on the Internet.

Type: graphics,video,web design
  • Flash is a popular method of displaying graphics animation, video and interactive content on web pages.

Internet Explorer
Type: browser
  • Internet Explorer has long been the world's most popular web browser for viewing web pages on the Internet.

Type: graphics
  • IrfanView is a popular free program for viewing and editing graphics.

Type: backup,firewall,security,spam,spyware,virus
  • McAfee provide a range of security software to protect your PC while you use the Internet.

Microsoft Office
Type: business,e-mail,office
  • Microsoft Office is a popular software suite that allows you to easily create good-looking documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Type: business
  • Microsoft Money enables you to organize your finances, manage your bills and run your small business.

Type: audio,graphics,video
  • Nero produce a range of multimedia, photo and CD/DVD burning software.

Type: backup,firewall,security,spam,spyware,virus
  • Norton is a range of security and backup software that aims to protect your PC while you use the Internet.

Type: programming,web design
  • Notepad++ is a free replacement for Notepad with advanced features making it ideal for text editing and programming.

Type: browser
  • Opera is a feature-packed web browser that can be used as an alternative to Internet Explorer.

Type: business,e-mail,office
  • Microsoft Outlook helps you to organize information such as e-mail messages, contacts, calendars and tasks.

Type: firewall,security,spam,spyware,virus
  • PC-Cillin is a range of security software by Trend Micro to protect your PC while you use the Internet.

Type: graphics,hobbies,web design
  • Adobe Photoshop is hugely popular software used by beginners and professionals to manipulate images and produce stunning graphics.

Type: business,graphics,office
  • Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to create dynamic and attractive presentations.

Type: graphics,hobbies,video
  • Adobe Premiere is digital video capture and editing software used by beginners and professionals.

Type: business,graphics,office
  • Microsoft Publisher allows you to create professional-looking publications and marketing materials.

Type: audio,backup,graphics,video
  • Roxio produce a range of multimedia, photo editing and CD/DVD burning software.

Type: graphics,web design
  • SwishMax offers a cheaper alternative to Flash Professional to create interactive content and animation on web pages.

Windows Live OneCare
Type: backup,firewall,security,spam,spyware,virus
  • Microsoft provide a PC care service called Windows Live OneCare.

Type: backup
  • WinZip is the most popular file compression utility for Windows.

Type: business,office
  • Microsoft Word allows you to easily create good-looking documents for printing or sharing.

Type: firewall,security,spam,spyware,virus
  • ZoneAlarm is popular security software that includes a firewall which prevents unauthorized access to your PC.