Sony digital camera series launch for the α HVL-F43AM external flash

Sony  introduced the compact and the function of strong new external flash HVL-F43AM, A Mount works with all digital cameras use to play a super standard of performance; also introduced other α system components, including the mounting bracket VCT-55LH, special foreign film bags LCS-AMB and Hood ALC-SH111.
HVL-F43AM external flash
The new HVL-F43AM external flash with the fast steering mirror systems of innovation (Quick Shift Bounce), the photographer in the direction of change in composition (horizontal or vertical), can quickly adjust the head position smoothly; and regardless of the direction of the camera, light and shadow can maintain the same position, creating a natural bounce flash effect.
The new flash up to GN43 (105mm, ISO100m) strong output, charge time is short to about 2.9 seconds. It provides a choice of 22 degree flash, the user may be 1 / 1 to 1 / 128 degree per 1 / 3 degree fine-tuning.
HVL-F43AM can also be used off camera flash, wireless flash controller and wireless multiple flash ratio control. Users can use their wireless proportional control function for up to three flash device 1 to set light output ratio, without professional equipment can be a complex multi-point lighting to create a good effect.
HVL-F43AM has a variety of advanced intelligent features, including color temperature data can be obtained from the camera, then automatically adjust the white balance compensation, to ensure that the flash can still create an accurate white balance. Flash can also be learned from the image sensor the size of the camera, and then automatically optimizes lighting levels to the corners of the image edge to minimize loss of light.
Dust and moisture of the HVL-F43AM difficult even for everyday shooting indoors or outdoors shooting. Flash on the quality and direction of the LCD screen buttons make the operation more simple and convenient.
Mounting bracket VCT-55LH
Mounting Bracket for Sony VCT-55LH all A Mount cameras, including NEX-5/NEX-3 the E Mount cameras, and Handycam ® HD Camcorder NEX-VG10E; when the camera has been used on the shoe, the installation firmly support the installation ISO user cold boots accessories, and is suitable for hanging folders match CLM-V55 LCD screen use, so users can shoot photos or video viewing clarity and high resolution image. Other applicable accessories, including gun-type point to the microphone and so on.

Special Outing Bag LCS-AMB
Special Outing Bag LCS-AMB allows users to feel at ease to carry A Mount Camera 2 and the random standard zoom lens, hanging bag has a special layout, to protect and facilitate access to comprehensive camera bag. Shoulder camera bag can be hung, mobile and hanging on the belt, the outer layer of black synthetic material is durable, small pockets of the bag body can store two additional batteries, spare memory card and lens cap.

Hood ALC-SH111
Round Hood ALC-SH111 Compatible DT 35mm F1.8 SAM and 85mm F2.8 SAM lens, the lens can block direct sunlight to avoid glare.