Sony Introduces New Walkman NWZ-B160 MP3 music player

Walkman ® NWZ-B160 series
Sony's latest Walkman ® MP3 Music Player NWZ-B160 series, and further enhance the Walkman ® line-up, a variety of new series of thin, light and attention both colors, the output rich and powerful bass. Also introduced high-quality earphones set, with a number of outstanding features including Walkman ® MP3 Music Player NWZ-B162 Black 〔〕 and Sony MDR-EX50LP earphones〕 〔black, so that customers can enjoy the sweet music anytime, anywhere, and filling fashion stylish, the perfect match of music to enjoy.
Enjoy a strong bass latest NWZ-B160 series with simple play button, just one click you can enhance bass music; and a separate one-touch button allows users to easily control the broadcast anytime, anywhere songs. This lightweight MP3 music player and removal of additional portable wearable clip, contrast color body with flashing lights and buttons, making it transform into the user's fashion accessories.
Endless supply of new music  Walkman ® NWZ-B160 series offers 2GB and 4GB internal memory selection, can play a music for up to 18 hours, 3 minutes quick charge to 90 minutes of continuous playback , so you enjoy music anytime, anywhere.
Simply drag and drop upload transfer  personal digital music collection to the Walkman ® has since become more easy, just drag and drop files directly or through transfer to Windows Media Player 11/12. Sony Walkman ® series with the single more ZAPPIN ™ technology to search all the stored music to play each song from a short, but to help the user select a favorite song playing, so music is easy to grasp. NWZ-B160 series also built-in USB plug, through mini / micro audio equipment and car audio equipment easily transfer music without the player can record directly connected with the computer and play music 2. In addition, Walkman ® NWZ-B160 series include integrated recording and FM radio function that allows users to recording and broadcasting of radio broadcasting, FM receivers support up to 30 sets of radio preset channels.
Five stylish colors <br /> body is about 9 cm, weight only 28 grams more, and prepare a variety of fashion colors to choose from: pink, blue, green, gold and black. Walkman ® just like a lipstick which like light, add the clip can be removed, is the ideal fashion choice for music lovers. Neck strap and exercise the other arm even with silicone and other optional accessories, whether walking or jogging, the user can show the personal style.
Main features:
  • With a variety of colors and can be worn a clip
  • Close to the body color of the one-touch bass button, flash, enhanced bass
  • 3-minute quick charge to 90 minutes of continuous play
  • ZAPPIN ™ Technology
  • USB connector easily drag and drop music transfer
  • Recording / FM RECORDING
  • Prepare more black, pink, blue, green, gold
  • 2GB and 4GB internal memory