All about MS Windows ME

Windows Millennium, also known as Windows ME, was introduced September 14, 2000 to the general public as the upgrade for Windows 95 and Windows 98 users and is designed for end-users. Overall, Windows ME has the look and feel of Windows 98 with some additional fixes and features not available in previous operating systems.

While Windows ME includes some of the latest fixes and updates and some enticing new features, we recommend this update only for users that may find or want some of the new features listed below or for users who are purchasing a new computer with this operating system included.

New features of Windows ME

* Some of the most noticeable new features include:
* Revert back to backup of computer – Windows Me allows the user to automatically restore an old backup in case files are corrupted or deleted.
* Protect important system files – Windows Me allows the user to protect important system files and will not allow these files to be modified by any type of other software.
* Movie editor – Allows users to edit and or combine Microsoft movie files. Importing movies requires additional hardware.
* Windows Media Player – Includes Media Player 7, which enables users a more advanced way of listening and organizing their media files.

Windows ME
Released 09/14/2000
Computer: 100% IBM Compatible
Processor: Intel Pentium 150 MHz or faster.
Intel Pentium 300 MHz or faster for users who wish to use the Windows Media Player
Memory: 32 MB RAM
64 MB RAM for Windows Media Player.
Drives: At least 270 MB can take up to 410MB of hard disk space
CD-ROM / DVD-ROM drive
Sound: Sound Card with Speakers recommended.
Video: Monitor with VGA or higher resolution.
Controls: Keyboard / Mouse
operating system: Requires Windows 98 for Windows ME upgrade.
Price: Upgrade: $70.00 – $100.00
Full: $150.00 – $190.00