Crush Down Runtime Error

Run time error pops- up, when you execute certain program or utility, but your computer fails to run it. There are four basic reasons behind this error, which include confliction with a utility program (TSR), software issue, computer virus and memory issue.
First you should close all the application windows and try to know, where is the fault, actually? Once you come to know it, you can easily fix the error. Suppose, the Run time error remains after closing all the running applications windows, then it is confirmed, that there is some fault related to your operating system. To fix the problem, you need to update your Windows operating system, with the latest patches or updates. You can go online to Microsoft’s website or can avail any CD/DVDs from an authorized source. But, if you still fail to fix the issue, then uninstall and reinstall your operating system. Don’t forget to take back-up of your computer before uninstalling your OS.
Similarly, you can fix the error related with any other application software.
But, if you don’t get any advantage with the above activities, then your computer could be infected with some computer viruses. It’s highly recommended to immediately implement a virus scanning tool, which is effective enough to detect and remove them in a fast-track way. Next, update your existing antivirus protection and enable Firewall to ensure that your computer is secure against forthcoming viruses and other malicious products.
If you are addicted to the Internet, then you might have gone through run time error that states, "A Runtime Error has occurred. Do you wish to debug?"In this situation, you can fix this error temporarily. Follow as: Tool>Options>Advanced. You need to check the box against "Disable script debugging" which appears in the "Browsing" subcategory. Also uncheck the box against "Display a notification about every script error." This will block the error from appearing again on your web browser.
In case, your computer is a regular victim of this error, then your computer’s memory (RAM) could be a possible reason behind it. Programs of your computer will not be getting sufficient memory to run, to fix the run time error you need to upgrade your RAM (Random Access Memory). If possible do it yourself with the guidance of the manual book, otherwise contact your vendor.