Computer Repair For Fixing Laptop Mouse

Acer laptop is one popular name among the laptop users. But like any other laptops, Acer laptop’s mouse buttons can show problems. But computer repair experts suggest that it is fortunate that most of these problems can be solved by simply downloading some drivers or with some clicks of the keyboard.

Computer repair experts want you to have a look at the mouse buttons to make sure the outer part is clean and dirt free. Dirt on the mouse pad can cause the unresponsiveness in the mouse buttons. Check that you have accidentally turned off your mouse pad or not. It can happen that you accidentally pressed Fn and F7 button on the keyboard to switch it off without knowing it. Press Fn and F7 on the keyboard to turn it on if this is the case.

Go to the "Printers and Other Hardware". Check the menu and click the button "Device Settings."You can now see an option to make a click on mouse pad. Click "Ok" on it. If these steps do not work, you may need to download drivers. Go to the official Acer website to download any new derivers needed. After selecting the country you need to click on “Support”. You now need to click on "Drivers and Downloads". Now look for the product line and press search. A link will come and there press "Touchpad drivers." May be your computer will require new drivers only. Download any new drivers and install that to your system.

Restart you computer. Check that with this computer help your Acer mouse pad button problem is now fixed.