Tech Support to Fix McAfee-Crippled PC

Securing Windows XP with McAfee? Your system might be at risk! The popular virus removal and system protector software McAfee has pushed out a malformed security patch on April 21. As been found by the tech support professionals, it has wound up computer systems especially running on Windows XP. So, just relax if you are working on Vista or Windows 7. This won’t hamper your project. But you don’t have to worry much even if you are on XP. There is a fix available online. Remote computer help specialists are always there to support your crisis.

Tech Support
McAfee tech support team has revealed two fixes for the deadly bug immediately. Officials stated “the faulty update was quickly removed from all McAfee download servers”. But the reality is, each one of the process involves multiple steps and can be confusing for non-technical users. So, if you are not feeling comfortable with the instructions, talk to a remote computer repair service centre. Technicians are there to translate technical jargons into simple language so that you can follow seamlessly.

Severe security problems caused by positive security updates are rare but not unheard of. We have got one instance here! So, get alert even if you have installed a legitimate security file in your computer, threats can crop up just anytime! Have anything to say on McAfee? Post a comment below.