Select CPU fingertips

Usually most everyone is just buy a processor with the greatest speed is can meet the need. However this is not really true, when you buy a CPU with a high speed, can be high time to choose, but think the CPU has high speed so the savings will not need to buy RAM with the volume. It is not for the benefit of the optimization system.

In time the computer are the exchange of memory, a CPU with high speed will waste a lot of time in the waiting idle this. Period usually occur continuously so that the performance system is not high.

Therefore we make the definition of clear criteria for choosing the right CPU for your computer. This guide will help you choose the set of processor best suited for your system.

Criteria for system

Each system has its own purpose by it. You must make clear the purpose of use for your computer. For example, if the computer is used as a resource family is shared and surfing the web should not choose the computer configuration, such as high gaming machine. To consider all the objectives for the system before choosing CPU. That makes you a savings account may not need to buy the set of processors have speed too high. It also means you can use that amount for other purposes, such as buying a hard drive with larger capacity for example.

Considering the model in use

Most instructions say about choosing via CPU-based applications will use, but we believe that the model used is more important than the own applications. For example, you can see very clearly with a system used for office tasks will not need a high speed CPU. But conversely, with a number of images to the other, they really need a set of processors is very high.

In working days, a staff may open a browser window, editor window word, some Acrobat files are used for reference purposes and also while the slideshow is created by PowerPoint.

Some people collect some photos for the family photo albums, can conducting work such as get photos from camera, then upload them onto a website.

What model do you think it should require strict?

Note that the form used will change. Would be very difficult to predict accurately the performance of the form you will change how, and therefore you should not buy a CPU expensive to serve the application requirements strict.