PC Case Modification (Case Modding)

PC Case Modification or which is commonly referred to as case modding is the modification of a computer chassis or the case. There are certain reason why we modify a computer case particularly hardware enthusiasts, use case mods to illustrate a computer's power, for aesthetic purposes or to improve a computer's performance. PC Case modification or case modding is a cool way to demonstrate your being a computer savvy however justlike most expert says "Kids don't do this at home". 

Here are some cool PC Case modification or case modding I came accross in the net:

1. Wood Case PC - completely made out of wood.  This could accent your home’s wooden furniture. 

2. The Microwave PC Mod - This could be the perfect computer for your stylish, modern kitchen, all the while disguising the fact there’s actually a computer underneath.  Of course, it would be super cool if you can actually use the microwave too. 

3. The Passively-cooled PC Mod - It is basically a PC case surrounded with cooling fans all-over. This is recommended for those overclocked processors where you need to cool the CPU down drastically.  

4. The Suitcase PC Case mod - It is a suitcase converted to be a PC case. Recommended if you want to move your computer from one time to another since it easier to carry as it’s embedded in a hard-cover case with a sturdy handle.  If I am traveling a lot and I need the power of Intel Core i7s for rendering 1080P HD videos, I will certainly build myself one of these.  Even if I am not, this could be the ultimate gamer’s travel PC case when laptops just can’t cut it. 

5. The WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction) PC case mod - One of the most creative PC case mods we have seen.

6. The Wind Turbine PC case mod - It supposed to be a “cycber pumpkin” and it certainly does look like one. It reminds me of another powerful weapon of some sort with its crazy glowing LEDs. 

7. The Batmobile Tumbler PC case mod - Most die-hard Batman fans would definitely want this one. 

8. The Lego PC case mod  - It’s super-clean, could be a great resource of insight and inspiration to lego lovers/addicts out there. 

9. The Pyramid PC case mod - With see-through surfaces so you can always tell if your hardware is working right.  Plus, this pyramid PC case mod will certainly brighten up your desk and room.

10. The Mirror-finish PC case mods
- Well no intruduction needed for this one it is simply PC with a mirror sides.