Troubleshooting the Top 3 Common HP Drivers Problems

By: Logan Albright

There is a lot of tradition and reliability when one mentions the HP brand, and this is applicable to all the products within the market name. When one thinks of HP, printers, scanners and a whole slew of office equipment will dominate thinking; a company which has successfully branded itself as an all in one solution for office and even personal needs. Many people out there own HP equipment and the one thing they will say to you is that these machines are generally reliable, but with all aspects of technology and the random environments that they categorized, there are often many hiccups that can appear along the way.

While HP has a very strong and competent technical support team, their presence is not always there and sometimes getting to them can prove to be quite difficult, as they have a whole host of customers to deal with. And lugging the piece of machinery down to the local repair man or dealer is also something that can be quite an inconvenience at times.

So you need to be able to solve these problems, or at least some of the simpler problems from the comforts of your home, and the most common ones that occur and are completely solvable at home are software issues and driver problems. One common problem is an outdated driver, which normally comes with the product that you buy. Driver files are often updated every few months and sometimes every few weeks, so you need to make sure you have the latest drivers.

This is done because of changes to the Operating System, like Windows and HP has to adapt and change the drivers to fit the new environment if certain trouble arises from the new shell. Another common problem of course is conflicts that the driver has with other programmes or shared system files within the Windows environment.

This is quite common as we often use equipment and machinery from all sorts of manufacturers and sometimes the design of the drivers, their DLL structure and system files that they share commonly across the board might not be optimal and can conflict with each other. One way to solve this of course is to consult the internet and more than likely, HP itself will have technical forums that will allow you to view common problems and solve them on your own.

They might also release software patches, either for the HP hardware or direct you to the other vendor’s website, where an update driver to resolve this issue might have been posted. The last common problem is driver compatibility with some operating systems, which would mean that some of the features cannot be utilised. Of the top of the list are features like duplex printing, framed printing, which cannot be used for HP printers when they are attached to a LINUX or MAC system. There may be software workarounds for this, or you can simply install Windows as a backup OS on your system.