Tips to Logging on with the Caps Lock Key

Don't worry about having the Caps Lock key down when logging into your Windows XP account. This post provide technical support tips to login with CPS lock key.

This isn't necessarily a tip but an interesting piece of information.

With earlier versions of Windows, have you ever had trouble entering your login password because your CAPS LOCK key was down and you didn't know it? You know the frustration that occurs when you type your password several times in a row, get locked out of the machine for a while, and mutter to yourself unmentionables until you finally notice the green or red CAPS LOCK LCD is lit?

Well, with Windows XP, that shouldn't happen again. Next time you logon your machine (if it is password protected, of course), intentionally press the CAPS LOCK key. You'll see a popup balloon onscreen telling you the CAPS LOCK key is on and you should turn the key off because it might hamper entering your password.

Thanks, Microsoft. Granted, this problem has been going on for years with just about all Windows versions, but you got it right this time.